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Read this article if your Maschine Studio is no longer connecting to your windows 10 computer. We've found a solution and have provided the steps to resolving the issue here.

Help, My Maschine Studio is No Longer Connecting to Windows 10

Maschine Studio is a great tool for producers. The samples are crisp, the controller interface is intuitive and the software tools are advanced. However it's been discovered that a recent Windows update (Released Feb. 2019) has created a serious conflict with the Maschine Controller interface.The following article is relative to the Maschine Studio however the issue is most likely relative to other versions of the Maschine (MK2, MK3).

In short, the culprit of this recent reported connectivity failures reported from Windows users around the world is a Windows Update. (KB4487017).

The Problem:

If you are having this issue here are the symptoms:

  1. Your Maschine Studio controller, when powered on, displays the Maschine Studio logo in the left screen and reads "Groove Production Studio" on the right.
  2. The lights on the board light up when you power the controller on but they remain off after the initial boot period.
  3. The software does not recognize the controller is connected.
  4. You may hear the USB chime from your computer when the unit is powered on or off but again, nothing happens.

The Solution:

The Security Update Needs to be uninstalled and blocked in order to prevent Windows from installing the update after uninstallation.

Here are the steps:

  1. In the start menu of Windows 10 Type: "Windows Update Settings"
  2. Click the View Update History Link
  3. Click the Uninstall updates Link
  4. Look for Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4487017)
  5. Select and click uninstall, Restart your computer.

That's it! Your Maschine studio should be operational again and connecting to the software. The next issue is that Microsoft does not allow Windows 10 Home users to block updates. Therefore this problem will resurface every time the computer is restarted. Native Instruments will need to come up with a patch for this issue. When we find a confirmed workaround we will update this article.

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