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If you reside in Southwest Florida and you go a full day without seeing an airplane or a glimpse of wildlife chances are you spent the day indoors with the window curtains drawn. Although most of us see wildlife and aircraft on a regular basis, a photographer using a combination of the right equipment, expert scene composition and knowledge of lighting principals can turn something as commonplace as a 4:30pm RSW departure into a true work of art. Enter Giliar Motta, a humble +10 year Florida resident with a passion for travel and photography. If you are a photo guru or an airplane or wildlife enthusiast follow Giliar Motta @BirdsWildlifeAndPlanes on Instagram or visit his YouTube Channel. Each of his posts are carefully composed works of art which also include insightful info on the subject captured.

Below are some images taken by Giliar selected by this article's author.

Southwest 733-800MAX ready for pushback

Photo Credit: Giliar Motta, @BirdsWildLifeAndPlanes

Brand new Southwest 737-800MAX engine

Photo Credit: Giliar Motta, @BirdsWildLifeAndPlanes

Southwest 737-800MAX interior 

Photo Credit: Giliar Motta, @BirdsWildLifeAndPlanes

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